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British Mohair/Merino Darning Yarn - Complete Set

British Mohair/Merino Darning Yarn - Complete Set

ΤιμήΑπό 35,00£

This set of mohair/merino yarns is perfect for creating some vibrant visible mending on all sorts of knitwear items lurking in your mending pile - if you've never used mohair yarn before then trust me you're gonna love it!


You will receive 13 different shades and 130 metres of yarn in total!


A light-weight 2-ply yarn which can be split down to a single strand for mending very fine knitwear, or doubled up if you require a thicker yarn for your mending project.


Mohair is a hard-wearing fibre which has beautiful lustre and softness.  In fact, did you know that mohair is ideal for darning wool socks, as mohair can withstand up to three times the rubbing of lambs wool and has natural anti-bacterial properties! It also has a beautiful haze to it, which adds an element of texture to your mends.


Spun and hand-dyed right here in the U.K using 70% British kid mohair from the beautiful fleeces of angora goats carefully reared in the New Forest. 30% Devon merino wool fibre has also been added just to give it a little extra strength.


It contains no added synthetic fibres unlike most darning wool or mending yarns, which are often a mix of wool and polyester/nylon. This makes them hard-wearing, but sadly it releases micro-plastics in the wash and doesn't biodegrade. We prefer to source pure yarn made from natural fibres which helps to reduce our impact on the planet!


Each card contains approximately 10 m (33 ft) of yarn.


Optional Extra: add a white gift box with magnetic front flap and colourful raffia bow to your basket - a gorgeous gift for any mender.


Please Note: Every effort has been taken to ensure these photos are an accurate representation of the colours, but since every computer monitor and mobile device is different, we cannot guarantee the colour will be an exact match to what you see online.


  • About New Forest Mohair

    New Forest Mohair produce hand-dyed mohair yarns from the beautiful fleeces of their flock of angora goats. 

    Frances and Ian Mason have kept Angora goats since 1989 and currently keep a flock of around 40 on their smallholding in the New Forest. The prize winning Linden flock are shorn twice a year and their fleeces used to create the range of New Forest Mohair yarns. 

    They carry the New Forest Marque, for animals reared to high standards and products grown or produced in the New Forest.

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