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Cornish Beeswax Thread Conditioner

Cornish Beeswax Thread Conditioner


Beeswax is perfect for strengthening, protecting, and straightening your thread/ yarn when hand sewing or darning. 


  • Lubricates thread/yarn to help prevent knots and tangles.
  • Allows thread/yarn to glide through fabrics more easily and prevent thread from shedding.
  • Less likely to knot and tangle.
  • Will straighten kinks in rescued or vintage thread/yarn.
  • Use it to combine individual strands/plies together to create thicker yarn/thread
  • It can even be used to lubricate zips too!


This mini block of pure beeswax weighs approximately 8 grams and is self contained in a little cardboard pot with lid, keeping the wax free of dust and dirt.


Each one is made with love and care by us here at MM HQ using locally-sourced Cornish beeswax.


100% natural - a great alternative to commericial thread conditioners.


To Use:

Simply run the thread or yarn between your thumb and the wax and with your other hand pull on the thread/yarn allowing it to glide along the beeswax. Repeat 2 or 3 times.  


Due to the nature of pure beeswax, it may become very hard if it is too cold. Before use warm the wax a little by opening the lid and placing the pot wax side down in the palm of your hand or in a sunny window for just a few minutes to slightly raise the temperature and make it more pliable.

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