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Long Darning Needles - Prym

Long Darning Needles - Prym


An assortment of 10 long darning needles perfect for using with a Speedweve loom or when you need to sew long lines of stitches. 


The pack includes:-

- 2 x long darning needles No. 1

- 4 x long darning needles No. 3

- 4 x long darning needles No. 5

A larger number = a finer, shorter needle. A smaller number = a thicker, longer needle. 

Min needle length: 6.2cm & max length: 7.8cm.


Suitable for:

  • darning or patching larger areas and for using with a 10 or 14-hook Speedweve loom.
  • mending medium weight fabrics e.g cotton dress/skirt, viscose blouse, denim, or linen trousers.
  • sewing with up to 4 strands of embroidery floss or similar (dependent on needle size).


Made in Czech Republic (E.U) using nickel plated steel for Prym.


Please visit our needle guide if you need a little more information about different types of needles - click here!

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