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Long Sashiko Needles

Long Sashiko Needles


These fine quality Japanese needles are a little different to a classic darning needle.


Sashiko needles have a sharper point to pierce through thicker fabrics e.g. denim, and a larger eye to accomodate thicker thread such as Sashiko thread.


They also tend to be slightly longer and are less likely to bend, which is why I often choose one when using a Speedweve loom.


Each pack contains three Sashiko needles of different lengths:

  • 70mm
  • 60mm 
  • 57mm

These longer needles are ideal for long, straight lines of stitching on denim, as well as weaving when using with a 10, 14 or 21-hook darning loom.


Made in Japan for Clover.


The needles come packaged on a piece of cardstock and a plastic sleeve supplied by the manufacturer.

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