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Loom Darning Guide - Paper Copy

Loom Darning Guide - Paper Copy


We want to inspire you to pick up your new darning loom, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. This helpful guide does just that!


A complete step-by-step instructional guide containing over 25 detailed photos as well as awesome tips, tricks and clear advice.


Written and created by Ministry of Mending founder, Rebecca McLaughlin.


We demystify the process of darning with a Speedweve style loom (vintage or replica) to help get you mending straightaway. 


20-page full-colour booklet printed by The Sustainable Print Company, U.K on 100% recycled paper (FSC certified and carbon offset). 


Please note: a darning loom/Speedweve is not provided with this guide - this will need to be purchased separately. 

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