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Magnetic Needle Minder

Magnetic Needle Minder


Ever lost a needle when you've left your stitching for a minute to go and make a cuppa? Well, if so you might just fall in love with this!


One magnet sits on the front of your work whilst the other magnet sticks to the reverse side, with your fabric sandwiched in between.


You just need to pop your needle on top of the magnet and there you have it - a safe home for your needle when not in use.


It's also possible to use this needle minder with your darning loom. Most modern replica darning looms are made of aluminium which is not magnetic, so to solve this problem we've provided you with two magnets. One to attach to the front of your loom and one for the same position on the back. By placing the magnets in this way their force will hold them on to the metal loom.


The magnets are presented on a Ministry of Mending card and include instructions on the reverse.

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