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Vintage 'Wimberdar' Ladder Darner Egg

Vintage 'Wimberdar' Ladder Darner Egg


The 'Wimberdar' Stocking Ladder Darner is an awesome multi-purpose darning tool.


The egg has a rounded surface on one side for 'standard' darning, then flip it over and you'll notice a groove on the other side. Use this side together with the 'secret' mini latch hook needle that sits neatly inside the egg, to repair ladders. 


Suitable for:

  • darning socks, tights and other similar items.
  • mending small holes and repairing ladders. 


Each one features the 'Wimberdar' brand mark on one side and is smooth to the touch with a varnish finish.


Made in England - circa 1940's.


These eggs have previously been used and therefore have a bit of 'character' including some surface scratches & marks, so please don't expect to receive a pristine 'new' item.


Supplied with a photocopy of an original instruction sheet and latch hook needle with wooden handle. 



Length - 7cm

Width (at widest point) - 4cm

  • History

    History of the Darning Egg

    This darning tool was an essential item in 19th and early 20th century household as self-reliant women often had to make and repair all their clothing. They were commonly made using wood as it was widely availiable and not too expensive.

    They made it much easier to repair socks, particulary the toe and heel area. The smaller size and shape meant it could be placed inside socks without stretching the fabric too much. 

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