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Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko Needles - Assorted Long

Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko Needles - Assorted Long


These beautiful needles are made in Hiroshima, which for 300 years has been the needle-making capital of Japan.


Sashiko needles are suitable for patching or Boro/Sashiko style mending on woven fabrics such as denim.


The quality of these needles is outstanding - their sharp tip, ultra smooth & highly-polished finish and unbeatable strength make them a pleasure to mend with.


They are similar to sharps needles but much thicker, so less likely to bend when loading lots of stitches on the needle before pulling the thread through.


This pack of Assorted Long needles come packaged in a small corked plastic tube inside a stunning box which contains:


2 x 1.02mm x 66.7mm

2 x 0.97 x44.5mm

2 x 0.84mm x 51.5mm


The 'long' styles are useful for stitching long line designs such as simple running stitch. Two sizes in this assortment feature a regular needle eye and one size features a long, oval shaped eye for stitching with thicker Sashiko thread.


Nickel plated steel needles with a gold plated eye.

  • Tulip (Hiroshima Needle Company)

    Tulip is based in the Hiroshima region of Japan and produce sewing needles, crochet hooks and knitting needles.

    The company was established in 1948 and began manufacuring hand-sewing needles in 1950. 

    Tulip Hiroshima hand sewing needles are of the finest quality, made to exacting standards which include more than 30 different manufacturing processes to ensure each needle is safe and finished to supreme excellence. Tulip produce high-quality needles by blending traditional techniques passed down from generations with cutting-edge technologies.

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