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Vintage 1950s Yellow Cure-C-Cure Romac Tin

Vintage 1950s Yellow Cure-C-Cure Romac Tin


This charming Cure-C-Cure puncture repair tin can be used to store all manner of tiny mending things from needles to buttons, or even one of our limited-edition travel repair kits - the choice is yours! 


If you wish to use one of these tins to keep your own emergency repair kit easily to hand, then simply click here to add one of our limited-edition kits to your order.


Sourced from a vintage flea market, each tin has been cleaned inside & out and given a very light coating of linseed oil to protect the paintwork.


The ROMAC company was founded in London in 1922. They started out producing polishes for car bodywork, chrome and glass and then in the mid 1950s they released their new world-patented tyre and tube repair product - Cure-C-Cure. 


This original 1950s vintage tin has 'character' and obvious signs of wear and tear that shows it's true age - scratches, dings, rust spots, stains etc. The lid is on a hinge and closes securely, as long as the tin isn't packed too full.


Please select your chosen tin using the drop-down menu - check out the gallery for photos of all the Cure-C-Cure tins available in this May drop.



Length - 11.5cm (4.5") approx

Width - 3.5cm (1.37") approx

Depth - 1.6cm (0.62") approx


Please note: this tin does not come supplied with any of the original contents e.g. tyre adhesive, chalk and patches. 

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