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Vintage Sellar's Rapid Darner

Vintage Sellar's Rapid Darner


An extremely rare Sellar's Rapid Darner from the 1930s, carefully sourced by us from a vintage market, especially for those of you who love to try out niche darning tools or own a piece of darning history.


This is the second of it's kind I've ever found - the other one currently lives in my personal darning tool collection!


It works in a similar way to the Speedweve darning loom -  helping you to weave over and under threads quicker and easier. The two combs of hooks alternate warp threads, so you can weave over and under in seconds. 


The main difference between this tool and the Speedweve is the mechanism raises two alternate warp threads at a time rather than one - this results in a basket weave instead of a plain weave.


If you want to see it in action, check out this Instagram Reel I posted back recently - click here! 


Use this special little tool to fix up moth holes, repair threadbare areas or disguise a stain with a beautiful surface darn. It will create a looser woven 'patch' making it ideal for darning most knitwear using thicker yarn and heavier denim using thicker thread.


You will receive:

  • 1 x Vintage Sellar's Rapid Darner*
  • 1 x Original Wood Disk*
  • 1 x 20-page 'Loom Darning for Beginners' Instruction Booklet. This should be some what relevant to this mechanical darning machine.

*Please take a look at photos for the condition of all the above mentioned items.


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A few important points....

  • Each and every vintage tool we sell is a little different as they have all had a past life! Please take a look at the photos that form part of this listing for the condition of the tool and any extras.
  • Tools may have spots of rust and slight damage from previous use over the years, however please rest assured that we always take apart, clean up, reassemble and test each one before they are listed for sale. Any damage is cosmetic only.
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